The Associated RC18T is a 1/18 scale, ready-to-run electric stadium truck made by Associated Electrics of Costa Mesa, California. A mechanically similar monster truck version with slightly different bodywork similar to the 1/8-scale Associated Monster GT and all-terrain tires with unique "AE" tread pattern is sold as the RC18MT while a buggy version is sold as the RC18B.

All RTR versions feature four-wheel drive, fifteen sealed ball bearings, XPS micro electronic speed control and oil-filled shock absorbers. A 280-series motor is standard on the T while a 370-series motor is standard on the B and MT. A full-sized Associated XP2 two-channel pistol grip radio is standard as well.

Though each model is race-ready as delivered, more serious versions are available. These are the Factory Team RC18T and Factory Team RC18B, available in kit form only and with Team Associated upgrades as standard. Associated lists these upgrades as:

  • Blue-anodized aluminum dogbones
  • Blue aluminum finned motor mount
  • Carbide differential balls
  • Woven graphite battery strap
  • Blue aluminum threaded shock absorbers
  • Blue aluminum wheel nuts
  • Titanium turnbuckles
  • Extra Hitec servo saver
  • 12t, 13t and 14t motor pinion gears

Chassis specifications (18B/18T/18MT)Edit

  • Length: 235mm/218mm/225mm
  • Width: 182mm/182mm/188mm
  • Wheelbase: 154mm
  • Internal gear ratio: 2.5:1
  • Weight (with body):: 541g/540g/540g
  • Four wheel drive transfer system: Shaft drive

The popularity of 1/18-scale monster trucks spurred by the development of the Team Losi Mini-T, the original mini-monster, means that aftermarket parts are being introduced on a constant basis including "The Mamba," a brushless 370-series drive motor and speed control available in four different levels of power output from Castle Creations of Olathe, Kansas, USA. The "Competition X" system has the potential to triple the top speed of any 1/18-scale vehicle to nearly 60 mph (100 km/h). Associated also markets an upgrade to MIP brand constant velocity joints, or CV's, eliminating the dogbones and further reducing driveline friction.

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