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A Nitro Stampede with a Fantom .27 engine.

Big block Nitro Stampedes are very rare. No manufacturer makes a big block conversion for the Nitro Stampede yet, so all the work has to be custom done. The result is a very fast, almost uncontrollable wheelie machine, which will tend to destroy stock drivetrain components. A t-maxx classic fuel tank is commonly used, and some have used associated sc8 motor mounts modified to fit. The throttle linkage will need some ingenuity, but shouldn't be overly difficult for an experienced hobbyist. A common upgrade is slash 4x4 HD rear driveshafts, and there is also aluminum alloy transmission upgrades available now.


Same Nitro stampede as above, but from the left side, and with an older style exhaust configuration.

Useful drivetrain upgradesEdit

Users with big block Nitro StampedesEdit

These people have big block Nitro Stampedes, and generally know what they are talking about on the subject. Feel free to contact them with questions about this.