Buggies are a type of RC vehicle commonly used for racing. They are generally available in two scales - 1/8 and 1/10. Buggies are generally very low, fast vehicles best suited for racing on prepared tracks rather than off-roading.

1/8 scaleEdit

1/8 scale buggies are almost always use nitro powered engines and four-wheel-drive. They use powerful big block engines and have center differentials, which allow for split front/rear braking and improved handling. 1/8 buggies are generally considered the most high-end of off-road RC's, and are favored by racers for their speed and handling on the track.

1/10 scaleEdit

1/10 scale buggies are smaller, rear-wheel-drive vehicles that are available in nitro and electric powered models, although electric models are more common. Like their larger counterparts, 1/10 buggies are very low and fast, well-suited for the track. Most manufacturers of 1/10 buggies use the same chassis for a stadium truck model as well, simply altering the suspension components to create different vehicles.