Chris Chianelli is an R/C journalist, creative director for R/C manufacturer Megatech International and host of an R/C television program on the DIY Network.

Prior to joining Megatech, Chianelli spent 18 years as a frequent (and irreverent) contributor in the industry's top-rated R/C magazines. Many radio control fans will remember photographs that accompanied Chianelli's articles of his rather bizarre hairstyle, since tamed somewhat. Today, Chianelli writes for Hobby Merchandiser magazine, a hobby shop industry publication. Megatech markets a line of ready-to-fly R/C aircraft with Chianelli's name and caricature on them.

His love of modeling began in early childhood with trains and slot cars, purchasing his first aircraft radio in used condition in 1971. That moment was an important one in Chianelli's life. He said, "Ever since that fateful purchase, I've never had a boring moment in my life. So many models, so little time."

Chianelli is also a fan of full-scale cars and is often photographed in his Excalibur Series III.