DU-BRO Products of Wauconda, Illinois, USA is primarily a manufacturer of R/C accessories and hardware.

The company was founded in 1959 by Dewey Broberg (hence the name) and continues to be headed by the Broberg family.

DU-BRO is a fully self-contained design and machining facility which even includes its own print shop, in-house marketing and advertising departments and television production. This not only helps keep the cost of DU-BRO products down, it also allows a great deal of flexibility in regards to quality control. The television production arm produces Inside R/C, a series of ninety-minute, R/C-related, entertainment oriented DVD's.

DU-BRO's non-R/C divisions include:

  • Pine Ridge archery
  • Out On A Limb bird feeder system
  • Pro Series fishing accessories

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