The E-flite™ Blade™ CX is an entry level, ready-to-fly electric micro R/C helicopter designed and distributed by E-flite, a division of Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois, USA.

This model was introduced in late 2005 as an easier-to-fly alternative to E-flite's Blade CP, also introduced in 2005. Unlike its predecesor, intended for experienced pilots with its standard two-blade main rotor and gyro-controlled tail rotor, the CX is fitted with a coaxial counter-rotating main head. This system, driven by two 180-series motors, cancels the rotational torque that makes a standard helicopter difficult to learn to hover, especially a helicopter the size of the CP. The CX, by comparison, is stable enough so that even first time R/C users quickly learn to hover, some learning almost immediately. Rudder turns are accomplished via the slowing of one blade or the other without affecting stability. This stability, along with a "street" price of under US$200, made the Blade CX one of the most popular hobby-grade radio controlled holiday gift choices in its first year. There is a tradeoff in control responsiveness, but one can theoretically step up to the CP or other standard micro helicopter once the basics of helicopter flight are mastered with the CX.

A sophisticated four-in-one onboard control unit similar to the one found on the CP mixes collective, pitch, gyro and motor control. Like the CP, each E-flite Blade CX is individually test-flown at the factory prior to shipping. A lithium polymer battery with DC charger is standard as is an instructional CD-video disc. The only other requirement is eight "AA" batteries for the transmitter.

Options include a police helicopter fuselage and training skids.


  • Rotor span: 13.6"/345mm
  • Weight: 8 oz/227g with battery
  • Length: 15.75"/400mm
  • Height: 7.17"/182mm
  • Included radio system: Four-channel 72 MHz FM
  • Servos: E-flite S75 microservos
  • Main drive motors: Dual 180-series motors
  • Standard battery: 7.4v, 800mAh 2s lithium polymer
  • Onboard control electronics: E-flite 4-in-1 control unit
  • Flight duration: 10-15 minutes per charge
  • List/street prices: US$249.99/189.99
  • Catalog number: EFLH1200

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