I am new to this group and new to remot control cars. I purchased a pair of 1/24 scale Mustangs from Sams Club this christmas for my two young daughters and a third from Radio shack for myself. It seems as if the two fram sams run on 27 and 29 mhz and mine from radio shack runs on 27, but it has a switch whch seems to be a device to select the different channels of 27mhz. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing I can do to prevent the 27mhz sams club car from intifering the operation of my radio shack 27 mhz car. The sams club car causes my car to lose control and stop, the instant it is powered up. I was wondering if there are products avaliable that I can somewhat easily switch the radio control transmitter and receivers to a different frequency that has no chance of being interupted. I have two small kids ages 5 & 6 and it is a blast to be able to play with them.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sean

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