Mini or micro R/C vehicles are surface models smaller than 1/12 scale. With the exception of 1/18-scale mini monster trucks such as the Team Losi Mini-T or Associated RC18T, virtually all minis and micros are generally toy-grade and electrically powered. Examples of toy-grade micros include the diminutive ZipZaps 1/64-scale cars and trucks and the larger, 1/24-scale XMODS, both sold by RadioShack.

Ever-shrinking electronics systems are paving the way for micro R/C aircraft. Small, free-flight electric models of foam construction are now being sold which may be upgraded to radio control with the installation of the proper electronics. Micro R/C helicopters complete with gyroscopic control and capable of indoor flight, considered impossible a few short years ago, are now among the most popular radio controlled models sold today. With proper upgrades, some micro helicopters are even capable of fully aerobatic 3-D flight.