NIKKO R/C (correctly written in all capital letters) is the largest toy-grade radio control manufacturer in the world. The comapny's licenses include those from Hummer, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, The Fast and the Furious as well as proprietary designs. NIKKO's product line covers simple two-function models which go straight forward and turn in reverse all the way through larger 1/10-scale and 1/6-scale trucks, boats and ready-to-run entry-level hobby-grade Formula One racers. All of the company's products are radio controlled; none are remotely controlled via a wire.

An early NIKKO design, that of a two-wheel-drive dune buggy and sold both by NIKKO as well as by RadioShack served as the basis for the Traxxas Cat. Refined with hobby-grade electronics including an electronic speed control and a revised front end with a wider track, the Cat became Traxxas' - and the industry's - first ready-to-run hobby-grade model.

NIKKO America is the US distribution arm for NIKKO toys and models and, as of 2006, is that country's sole distributor for Erector Sets, the longest-running brand in the US toy business. Ownership of Erector remains with French manufacturer Meccano.

In addition, NIKKO America is one of the few toy R/C manufacturers to offer a service hotline, reachable at 800-77-NIKKO.

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