The ParkZone™ F-27B Stryker is an electric-powered, high-performance RTF delta wing foam aircraft designed and distributed by ParkZone, a division of Horizon Hobby.

This fully aerobatic model, introduced in August 2005, is an updated version of the F-27 Stryker, a part of ParkZone's original model lineup.

The original Stryker proved to be popular with those wishing to create high-performance delta wings to the point where many modelers simply purchased the off-the-shelf replacement airframe parts with the intention of adding their own electronics. It is not uncommon for a modified Stryker to reach speeds of 100 mph (160km/h). Horizon Hobby responded by creating a vastly improved RTF model right out of the box as well as an available factory-assembled ARF sold with the new improvements but less electronics.

Improvements include a one-piece "Z-Foam" wing which can be repaired with any cyanoacrylate adhesive, a propeller suitable for use with lithium polymer batteries, vented battery and electronics compartments and strengthened elevon hinges. Dual-rate control throws, switchable during flight at the transmitter, allow for either relaxed or aggressive flight. Proper voltage cutoff for lithium polymer use is accomplished by simply removing a jumper on the receiver's printed circuit board.

Like all ParkZone models, the F-27B Stryker comes almost fully assembled and with all necessary equipment, including transmitter batteries. Horizon's optional Sonic Combat Module™ (HBZ4020) allows dogfighting between similarly equipped aircraft via the receiver's "X-Port" feature.

A new variant was introduced in June 2006. Dubbed the F-27C Stryker, it comes factory equipped with an E-flite brushless motor system and lithium polymer battery. Top speed is drastically increased to approximately 80 mph (130 km/h).


  • Wingspan: 37" (950mm)
  • Length: 27" (700mm)
  • Flying weight: 21 ounces (580g)
  • Motor: Direct drive 480 with flux focus ring, pusher configuration
  • Radio system: Three-channel proportional FM
  • Operating range: 2500' (762m)
  • Operating frequencies: All six allocated to the 27 MHz band
  • Trim scheme: Grey fuselage, grey/olive drab/black camouflage, black/grey decals
  • Speed control: Fully propotional ESC/receiver combination
  • Battery: Seven-cell 8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH (included); 2100mAh 3S lithium polymer optional
  • Charger: 1.2A variable rate DC peak detect
  • Landing gear: None
  • Retail price: US$199.99
  • Catalog number: PKZ1200

F-27C specificationsEdit

  • Motor: 1880Kv direct drive brushless
  • ESC: E-flite 25A brushless
  • Battery: Three-cell 11.1V 2200mAh lithium polymer
  • Charger: Two- to three-cell li-po DC variable rate with balancing
  • Radio: 72MHz FM with industry-standard three-wire servos
  • Trim scheme: "Tiger Meet" custom paint and decals
  • Catalog number: PKZ4200

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