ParkZone Slo-V


Slo-V modified with homemade snow runners

The ParkZone Slo-V is an electric-powered, radio controlled model aircraft designed and distributed by ParkZone, a division of Horizon Hobby of Champaign, Illinois.

The ready-to-fly Slo-V is intended for intermediate to advanced R/C pilots and consists of a carbon fiber "stick" fuselage with foam wing, a foam v-tail and a 370-series electric motor with gear reduction. Power is from a 7.2v nickel metal hydride battery pack. The gearbox is a universal configuration found on several brands of park flyer model aircraft, which means the Slo-V can be upgraded to a brushless electric motor system and lithium polymer batteries for increased performance.

Designed not for all-out performance but for slow, stable flight, the Slo-V's large wing area means it can be flown at extremely low speed without stalling. This ability makes the Slo-V suitable for indoor flight in a gymnasium, enclosed golf driving range or similar large indoor venue. It also comes equipped with Horizon Hobby's proprietary "X-Port" feature which allows the use of "bomb" drops, parachute drops, high-intensity night illumination and even air-to-air combat with a sonic device that "hits" a similarly-equipped aircraft with a sonic pulse that temporarily disables the stricken craft's drive motor.

The Slo-V is sold as a complete, pre-assembled package which requires little more than attaching the wings and landing gear and charging of the onboard battery. The necessary charger and even eight AA batteries for the transmitter are included. All ParkZone aircraft utilize a proprietary three-channel 27 MHz FM radio system, but the models will accept radio gear from other manufacturers.

Specifications Edit

  • Price ~$137 USD
  • Wingspan 45 7/8" (1170mm)
  • Length 36" (930mm)
  • Weight 14.5 oz (410g)
  • Propulsion 370-series electric motor with gear reduction
  • Speed control FET proportional electronic speed control/receiver combination
  • Battery 7.2v, 900mAh preassembled pack constructed of six sub-AA Ni-Mh cells; a seven-cell, 8.4-volt version is available as an upgrade
  • Battery charger 12VDC with peak detection circuit designed to plug directly into an automotive cigarette lighter socket

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