This page is for frequently asked questions about the wiki. For the RC FAQ, see Frequently asked questions.

  • Question: The colors on this site are UGLY!
    Answer: Click the "preferences" link in the upper right corner, and from there, click "Skin". Select "MySkin", then copy/paste the contents of this file into a page called "User:(yourusername)/myskin.css". If you know CSS, or want to learn, you could even customize it to how you like it. Or just borrow the CSS off another MediaWiki site.
  • Question: What is a wiki?
    Answer: A wiki is simply a website that anyone can edit. In some cases there are access restrictions in place, but on the RC Wiki, this will only take the form of a protected page, which is rare.
  • Question: If anyone can edit it, what keeps people from destroying it?
    Answer: Other users. It is very easy to revert a page to an earlier version.
  • Question: What do the "Mark as patrolled" links on diff pages do?
    Answer: Those let you mark new pages or edits as being OK. If they haven't been marked as patrolled, then they will show up in recent changes with an exclamation mark (!) by them, to show that the change has not yet been patrolled.
  • Question: How do I make a new page, or how do I edit a page?
    Answer: Take a look at Help:How_to_contribute. Don't be afraid to make a new page. If it isn't "perfect" or in the right spot, thats ok, things like that are easy to change. Its the content that matters. If you've got an idea for a page, make it!
  • Question: What if my question isn't answered here?
Answer: Ask either Phroziac, Rustlerbum, or Lucky 6.9. We'll be glad to help you out.


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