FANDOM of Scottsdale, Arizona USA is a retailer of entry-level, intermediate and advanced electric ready-to-fly radio controlled park flyer aircraft and a unique ready-to-fly indoor balloon with two-channel infrared remote control.

Most of the company's aircraft are "experimental-style" pushers constructed of blow-molded plastic with plastic-coated wings and stabilizers and carbon fiber tail booms in much the same manner as those by HobbyZone. Unlike aircraft by that manufacturer, those by use off-the-shelf, discrete R/C components that may be used in other aircraft. Should one wish to use his/her own radio gear, can delete radio equipment, batteries and/or charger. Further adding to the company's unique selling proposition is that all aircraft are shipped with a spare wing, stabilizers and propellers. works closely with the engineering school of North Carolina State University who uses the T-Hawk as a platform for experimentation in autonomous, automatic flight.


  • T-Hawk three-channel beginner/intermediate airplane
    • Wingspan: 40"/102cm
    • Propulsion: Direct-drive 380 (Speed 400)
  • Predator three-channel intermediate/advanced aerobatic airplane
    • Wingsan: 34"/86cm
    • Propulsion: Direct-drive 280 (Speed 300)
  • Thunderbat XF three-channel advanced electric pusher-prop jet
    • Wingspan: 24"/61cm
    • Propulsion: Direct-drive 380 (Speed 400)
  • SkySeeker GT three-channel combination trainer/electric glider
    • Wingspan: 40.25"/102cm
    • Propulsion: Direct-drive 370
  • BalloonCraft 2000 indoor electric latex balloon
    • Diameter: 17"/43cm
    • Propulsion: Three-motor, three-speed forward thrust with proportional altitude; up to four individual balloons may be programmed to fly at the same time

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