K029 Fusion21 SUBARU FTQ RtL

Schumacher Fusion fitted with optional Subaru WRX rally body

The Schumacher Fusion is an on-road 1:10 scale nitro-powered radio controlled car made by Schumacher Racing Products of Great Britain. It is the fastest ready-to-run 1:10 on-road car created as of 2005, featuring a .21 cubic inch (3.5 cc) engine capable of producing 2.1 horsepower at 38,000 RPM. The Fusion is four-wheel drive with a three-speed gearbox, making it capable of speeds in excess of 80 mph (130 km/h) and 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) times in less than two seconds.

Schumacher's "E-start" system is used to crank the engine. This system, utilizing a geared, one-way bearing similar to the HPI "Roto-Start" system, requires the use of a portable electric drill.


  • Type: 1:10 scale nitro-powered on-road
  • Engine: Thunder Tiger ABC .21 (3.5 cc)
  • Gearbox: Three gears (fixed shift points)
  • Brakes: Single carbon fiber brake disc.
  • Weight: 1850g

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