The Team Losi Mini-T is the original 1/18th scale electric stadium truck made by Team Losi of Ontario, California.

The basic Mini-T is sold as a complete, ready-to-run package, complete with painted and trimmed Lexan body. The design of the Mini-T is based on Losi's XXX-T 1/10-scale truck; despite the Mini-T's diminutive size, handling characteristics and overall vehicle dynamics are remarkably similar to the larger truck. Power comes from a Mabuchi RS-280 motor operated via a miniature electronic speed control. Four "AA" alkaline batteries are required to power the truck; eight are required for the transmitter. Six-cell Nickel metal hydride and 3S lithium polymer batteries are available for longer and faster runtimes and more economical long-term operation.

The long-arm suspension allows for exceptional suspension travel over rough terrain. However, the basic Mini-T uses friction dampers in lieu of oil-filled shock absorbers. These are suitable for the type of fun operation that most Mini-T's will likely be used for. Quality, oil-filled shocks are available as an upgrade. A full-race kit version, the Mini-T Pro, comes packed with the oil-filled shocks as standard.

Like the vehicles which followed, the Associated RC18T and RC18MT and Venom Fireball, the Mini-T is suitable for fun use indoors. A stock Mini-T will achieve speeds of 10-15 mph (16-24 km/h). Use of a modified motor and a NiMH battery pack will double the speed. For all-out performance, the "Mamba" brushless motor system from Castle Creations will increase top speed to over 60 mph (100 km/h) with suitable torque to allow for taller gearing and even greater top speeds.

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