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Wingman II in the "yellow" color scheme and equipped with a Thunder Tiger .40 two-stroke

The Wings Maker Wingman II is an ARF .40-sized advanced trainer/sport plane distributed by internet hobby retailer The Wings Maker of San Jose, California, USA.

Intended as a transition for beginning pilots to go from high- to low-wing, the Wingman II may be assembled with the hobbyist's choice of a .40 two-stroke glow engine or a 450w brushless outrunner. Mounting hardware for each configuration is sold separately, thereby avoiding the extra cost of potentially unused hardware packaged with the model.

Construction is of traditional balsa/ply covered with The Wings Maker's "ToughLon" iron-on covering with pre-printed graphics on the wing and tail surfaces. Trim along the sides of the fuselage are ironed on.

The Wingman II is available in red, green and yellow. The latter is more accurately described as red with yellow and orange trim and is the subject of the photograph.


Straight line performance is both fast and stable, but the roll rate with the narrow ailerons is slow so that transitioning pilots stand less chance of putting the model into an unrecoverable attitude.

Landings are easy to perform with no tendency toward tip-stalling at low airspeed.


Wingspan: 50" (1270mm)

Wing area: 484 sq. in. (31.2 sq. dm)

Wing type: Rectangular constant-chord with symmetrical airfoil

Construction: Traditional balsa/ply covered with proprietary "ToughLon" covering

Flying weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg)

Length: 44.5" (1130mm)

Wing loading: 18.66 oz/sq. ft. (529g/9 sq. dm)

Catalog number: GA029 (all colors)

Electric power requires the following:

Electric motor: 450W brushless outrunner, available as part of The Wings Maker electric power package (GA029EPTS)

ESC: 45-ampere brushless

Battery: 3200mAh 4S lithium polymer with suitable charger

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