Thunder Tiger is a Taiwanese manufacturer of radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and model engines including jet turbines.

The company, originally called "Thunder Tiger Science Model Shop," was founded in Taichung by modeling enthusiast Aling Lai in 1974. It quickly became a magnet for skilled labor and experienced its first major growth spurt in 1979 with the creation of Thunder Tiger Model Company. This new company began as an engine manufacturer and rapidly expanded its product line to include airplane and car kits. Thunder Tiger went on to develop the SUPERCOMBO line of almost ready-to-fly aircraft and almost ready-to-run cars. These models were at the forefront of the ARF and RTR revolution and soon replaced the kits.

A North American subsidiary and product service center opened in May, 1994. Service and warranty claims for that market are handled through that subsidiary. It also allows Thunder Tiger to offer a three-year warranty for products sold in North America.

Thunder Tiger's combination of modeling and aerospace technology makes them the only model manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

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