Many things that make the hobby of RC easier are tips and tricks developed over the years from all over the world. This is a place for people to post there findings on helping make the hobby more enjoyable!

  • Magnetizing your tools. A commonly used trick is to pull the shaft of the tool across a magnet several times, magnetizing it. This way, screws will stay on the end of the shaft, which makes it easier to put the screws into tight spots.
  • Antenna wire securing. You can use fuel tubing cut in small strips to fit over your excess antenna wiring to prevent it from being damaged in a wreck. Just cut some small pieces of spare fuel tubing and slip them over the tube and wire to secure the wire in place.
  • Using a Toolbox, duffel bag, or tacklebox. You can find small toolboxes, duffel bags, or tackleboxes at your local Sears or Wal-mart for very cheap. You can put your tools, supplies, extra screws, and hardware in them for easy access, and to assure you don't loose anything. Also easy to carry if you bring your r/c anywhere with you.