Tyco is a manufacturer of toy-grade and semi-hobby grade R/C vehicles.

Founded by John Tyler in the early 1950's at the onset of the HO-scale format, or 1/87-scale and whose company produced model railroad equipment under the Mantua name, the company name soon changed to Tyler Manufacturing Company or "TYCO."

HO-scale slot racing cars were added in the 1960's as the model railroad line enjoyed continued growth during that period.

Around 1970, Consolidated Foods Corporation (now Sara Lee Corporation) purchased TYCO. To many, this spelled the "beginning of the end" for the model railroad line as Consolidated began creating a series of non-prototypical, almost toy-like HO trains. Sales dropped accordingly and the model railroad line was soon dropped.

Today, Tyco's focus is squarely on R/C as a division of Mattel, Incorporated of El Segundo, California USA.

Tyco is one of the few R/C manufacturers to actively advertise on television, especially during the holiday season.

Present offerings include the all-terrain "Shell Shocker," a ball-shaped vehicle based on the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Replicas of vehicles transformed on the MTV series Pimp My Ride are available as are "Drift Kings," near-hobby grade four-wheel-drive "import racers" which accept standard 7.2v nickel cadmium battery packs and which can be made to drift, or "power slide" into turns in the same manner as in the popular full-sized motorsport.

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