UltraFly Cessna 182 with aftermarket prop adapter

UltraFly Model Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of intermediate and advanced ARF electric R/C aircraft whose airframe parts are injection molded from EPS foam. They produce a line of brushless motors and brushless-compatible electronic speed controls as well. The products are distributed worldwide by Great Planes.

The company was formed May 1st, 2003 by general manager Charlie Hua. Hua, an expert in the field of information technology as well as an avid R/C pilot, approached the design and manufacturing of his models from a market research viewpoint by determining the strengths and weaknesses in the ARF aircraft market, both foam and more traditional balsa/covering models. After determining that there was too much competition in the balsa market, Hua turned his attention to injection molded foam even over laser-cut foam for more consistent quality and the ability to create more complex shapes than would be possible with either laser cut or balsa. Injection molded foam planes of this type are also resistant to crash damage and are easily repaired after hard landings and minor crashes.

UltraFly's goal was to determine the benchmarks of the size of the electric aircraft they would be competing against. They settled on 400-class park flyer aircraft with a retail price of US$85-100 ($95-110 European/Japanese).

According to UltraFly's website, Hua and his team based their product line around these criteria:

  • Flying Weight: 450-750g
  • Wingspan: 75-120cm
  • Motor: Special wind Mabuchi 380-class motor
  • Gearing Options: 1.9, 2.4, 3.0, 3.9:1
  • Cell Count: 8-10 Ni-MH 1100mAh cells
  • Power: 65-105W

This approach, though simple, was rather unique. Hua felt that concentrating on the development of a single power plant, one easily optimized through gearing and propeller choices, the system could be used in a variety of aircraft including pusher-prop, jet-styled planes. Hua takes a personal interest in his product line and is not only a frequent contributor on a number of R/C online bulletin boards but personally represents UltraFly at hobby and model shows.

All UltraFly models come with a "Falcon 400" (UltraFly's custom-wound Mabuchi 380) motor, but are easily upgraded to brushless operation with the proper speed control.

Model lineupEdit

Foam planes:

  • Sukhoi SU-27 jet
  • F-16 jet
  • BAE Hawk jet
  • PC-9 low-wing military trainer
  • P-51D Mustang
  • P-40E
  • Extra 300S low-wing aerobatic sport plane
  • Furious 3-D biplane
  • Outrage 3-D biplane
  • Ultimate biplane
  • Vivi biplane

Balsa planes:

  • Focke Wulf FW-190
  • Super Decathlon
  • Super Chipmunk
  • YAK-54
  • Edge 540
  • Extra 330S

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